Traveling With A Young Child

Every now and then I am thinking about our lovely vacation two years ago.  Though it was a very busy one, we still managed to relax and have fun.  What we didn’t see coming was the circumstance when my darling daughter catching cough and colds, mouth sores, and fever.

They said traveling with a young child, a toddler for instance, is not easy.  Yes, it wasn’t.  Especially if you are going on a long vacation traveling international.  The long flight will make your child bored for sure.  Some kids will just watch movies on in-flight entertainment on the plane.  Cabin crews will provide activity kits for them that include a water-based coloring booklet, tracing pad, and a pencil.  It is really comforting when your child is not giving you a hassle while traveling.

In-flight kids' activity kit
In-flight kids’ activity kit.

My daughter didn’t give us trouble during our flight from Dallas, Texas to Seoul, Korea.  She just slept most of the time.  And she did great during the flight from Seoul to Manila, Philippines.  But when we landed at the NAIA airport and went through those security checks, she started whining.  She was crying like she was hurting or something.  We were miserable! Well, I don’t blame her. It was hot and so many passengers waiting to pick up the baggage in only one spot.  We were packed there.  This was in December 2012. After we got our baggage, we immediately went to the last security check at the airport and then looked for the transportation provided by the hotel.  As soon as we hopped into the van, and got cooled down by the vehicle’s air-conditioner, my daughter settled down.