Change Of Travel Plans

We are canceling our vacation to the Philippines this Fall.  Yes, friends. Unavoidable circumstances came one thing to another and they all required money.  During the Holidays, we had a major repair in our house where we had to replace the water heater that costed us a lot of money expense.  Now we are in the process of deciding whether my husband has to retain his vehicle or not.  It is giving him problems recently.  What a great thing to start the year, huh?

 So with these reasons, our travel plans will change.  We are in tight budget right now.  Our vacation is gonna be moved next year.  Hopefully it will be possible before the school starts next Fall because our little one will be in Kindergarten.  We want to see our family in the Philippines before she starts school.

I am also hoping that plane tickets are cheaper next year.  We will surely grab the opportunity to book our tickets early.  We are also thinking of renting a house for the whole duration of our vacation there.  This is one of the plans.  Yet there are so many things going on in my mind right now that I have to prioritize things before finalizing them.