He Never Liked Traveling Except…

I have been watching these tele-novelas online lately and I tell you that I would love to be in those beautiful places where they shoot their films.  Besides the awesome scenery, there is a romantic atmosphere in them.  I was talking about the Korean and Japanese Dramas.  I am interested into watching the drama and comedy genres.  I find myself crying or laughing.

Whenever there’s a scene at an airport, it always reminds me of my lay-over in South Korea.  It takes me back to those moments when I was in the lounge area – looking around and watching travelers walking by.  Some were heading to board the planes and others were just arriving.  My husband said he never liked traveling except going on vacation.  Some people go on business travels here and abroad.  I wonder if they get tired of adjusting to time difference?

Anyway, I really enjoy watching these Asian Dramas.  And I am dreaming to visit South Korea and Japan in the near future.  I’d like to see Mt. Fuji and experience the beautiful Sakura flowers.  I also would like to visit the museums in Japan and South Korea.  That would be a few of the great places to see when my darling daughter is little older. 😉

How to Select the Best Door to door Airport Shuttle in Brisbane

Whenever a person thinks about “door to door service”, they tend to expect high-quality service and convenience. Unfortunately, many airport transfer services do not offer this to their customers. Using a door to door service for your family or business trip may seem like an unaffordable luxury. However, it is not as expensive as you think. Airport transfers in Brisbane are economical, convenient and offer world-class services. Here are a few things you should look for when selecting the best airport shuttle service for your next trip.

A Positive Online Experience

Booking your airport transfer service should not be an aggravating experience. Every aspect of the company, including their website, should take into account the needs of the customer. The website needs to be user friendly and provide a positive experience. Good customer service and convenience does not begin once a person user a service. It begins from the initial interaction.

Full Service

The airport shuttle service you select needs to do more than pick you up and take you to your destination. The service you use should have drivers who are knowledgeable and helpful. The driver should offer to assist you with packing and unloading your luggage. The driver should also be able to provide information about the area and helpful tips to their customers to make getting acquainted to the area easier.

Airport Shuttle Van
Airport Shuttle Van

The Company Should Have High-Quality, Nice Vehicles

You should not be embarrassed to step out of the bus the transfer service sent. Any Brisbane airport shuttle door to door service that values convenience should have a fleet of buses that are in excellent condition. Customers should also not be concerned that vehicle they are in will breakdown en route. You are spending money on a service and should expect a certain level of quality. The transfer service’s vehicles should be classy and reliable. The vehicles used by the airport shuttle service should be the best quality and the newest vehicles possible.

There are many reasons for people to travel. Regardless of motivation for the trip, the experience should be comfortable and stress free. To ensure that this happens you will need to use a reputable transit service. Many people in Brisbane that need an airport shuttle use Universal Transfers as their best Brisbane airport shuttle door to door provider. To find out more about their services and to plan your next trip, visit them at http://universaltransfers.com.au/.

Renting A Home On Vacation

As early as now my husband and I are talking about our next vacation to the Philippines. Travel planning and saving money are better done early than late to avoid rushing and panic.  Our big concern right now is how to reduce our spending in hotel accommodations.  I admit that on our previous travels, we spent a lot on hotels and resort bookings.  I have family and relatives back home.  You might ask why we didn’t stay at a family’s house.  Honestly none of my parents’ or siblings’ houses have air conditioning.  Their homes don’t have the amenities that my husband are used to like air-con, heated shower, and flush toilet.  That is why we stayed in a hotel the whole time when we were there.

We are hoping that this time, we can find a house to rent for a month.  Of course we want all the amenities present.  The heated shower seems like hard to find in a home over there.  I don’t know.  Hopefully we will be able to find one.  We are sure to travel in the Fall because it’s low season.  And we are looking forward to getting a very affordable plane ticket.  Days pass by so quickly. Travel booking should be placed in advance.