Adventure in the Galapagos

The Galapagos are located on the Equator, west of the coast of Ecuador. The Galapagos Islands are best known for their role in Darwin’s research. Today, this island chain is a beautifully untouched area where you can have an adventure vacation.

What You Can Do

When planning a Galapagos travel vacation, you will want to know just what activities are available once you get there. One of the most popular activities is sailing around to the different islands. From these tours, you can also explore the national parks and travel to and from Ecuador where most tourists choose to have their hotel accommodations during their trip.

Another popular activity is scuba diving. If you plan to participate in a diving tour, you must be a certified diver and because of the surges and strong currents in the ocean near the islands, it is important that you also be an experienced diver.

Packing for Your Trip

If you are not sure what to pack for your trip, it is important to remember that the weather is typically hot and humid in the area. That means you will want plenty of light clothing, sunglasses and other sun protection products. It is also important to bring bathing suits, scuba gear and your camera equipment if you are planning on taking a diving tour as well as a sailing tour.