Passport Renewal

I am freaking out.  Why?  My passport is expiring soon.  My dear husband’s too.  We both need to renew our passports by December this year or else, we will be having a hard time with passport renewal.

I don’t know but it just came up to me suddenly the urge to open the Philippine Consulate in LA website today.  And I was very glad that there is going to be an outreach program in Dallas, Texas in September.  According to the website, the outreach program schedule is confirmed.  That means that the scheduling for appointment for the passport renewal, dual citizenship, report of birth and marriage services will be announced very soon.  And I am keeping my eyes on it.  My husband told me that he wants us to go on a long vacation overseas next year so I don’t want to miss this chance.  His passport is due for renewal VERY SOON and I will keep reminding him until he goes to the US Passport Renewal Office or until he mails his passport renewal application.

In my case, I have to send a filled-up passport form in advance to the Philippine Consulate office in LA to get an appointment scheduled because the slots are limited.  Actually, the form and requirements are ready to send.  I am now waiting for the next official announcement or press release from the Philippine Consulate office with regards to start date of accepting the applications.