Huntsville, Corsicana, and Centerville, Texas

Galveston Island Trip Day 1

The Sam Houston Statue in Huntsville, TX
The Sam Houston Statue in Huntsville, Texas

Hooray!  Our summer family vacation starts today.  A six-hour drive to Galveston was worth it.  We were able to visit and see the Sam Houston Statue in Huntsville.  On our trip to Galveston three years ago, my husband and I didn’t get the chance to stop by.  This time we took our time and showed our darling daughter how BIG the statue is.  She said it’s a giant statue.  🙂 She was stunned.  And I was so happy.

As we head on to our road travel, our little girl kept on talking about the giant statue of Sam Houston.  Then we stopped at the Rest Area in Corsicana. DD quickly approached the buffalo and she asked to take her photo with it.  Well, she wanted me to join in, too.

Portrait with the buffalo. Rest Area - Corsicana, TX
Portrait with the buffalo.
Rest area – Corsicana, Texas

About forty minutes after leaving the rest area, we stopped at Woody’s Smokehouse in Centerville.  They have so many selection of smoked meat in the store.  We ordered a couple of barbeque sandwich and a corn dog.  We had a nice lunch there. There’s a big statue of the American Bald Eagle outside the store and looked like it was built as a tribute.

American Bald Eagle statue at Woody's Smokehouse Shell -Centerville, Texas
American Bald Eagle statue at Woody’s Smokehouse Shell -Centerville, Texas

It was an enjoyable road travel.  After a nice lunch at Woody’s, we head on and arrived in Galveston at about six o’clock in the evening.

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  1. I’ve been in Texas for 5 years now and I’ve never been anywhere other than Austin, San Antonio and Killeen. Must. Explore. Texas!

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