Three Simple Tips to Keep Valuables Safe While Traveling

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Vacation should be a time to leave all your cares behind. Whether you are relaxing on a beach or sightseeing in a new city, you want to clear your mind and enjoy your time off. However, you always should have a few things in mind besides your tan or the train schedule, such as keeping your valuables secure. You can avoid being a victim of theft and still enjoy your travels with three basic tips. Remember to do your research, keep your valuables close, and be aware of your surroundings at all times.

Research Your Destination

You probably are researching the best restaurants and transportation options for tourists at your travel destination, so take a few minutes and research a subject that is just as important. Find out what areas of the city you will visit are known for theft. Make sure that the hotel you have chosen does not have a high rate of reported room break-ins. Look for news stories about pickpockets or muggings; any of the locations repeatedly mentioned in those articles are places you will want to visit with caution or avoid completely, if possible.

Take Valuables With You

It may sound obvious that it is necessary to keep your belongings with you at all times, but it is actually quite common for tourists to forget this tip. Do not leave jewelry or passports in hotel drawers or in a rental car. If you must leave your purse or backpack at a restaurant table or on the beach, make sure someone in your group stays with them. Be sure that you keep your bags close to your body. Don’t allow any open purses or unzipped backpack pockets to be temptations for a criminal. It’s a good idea to invest in bags with extra security built in, such as Magellan’s VaultPro collection. Bags with reinforced straps and zippers that latch will make it difficult for thieves to easily access your valuables.

Keep Your Eyes on Your Surroundings

Even with excellent research, traveling will require you to venture into unknown areas. Some places may seem safe but will make you an easy target for theft, no matter how close you can keep your valuables. Thieves know that tourist areas will be busy and that close contact with other people will not surprise you while crowding in front of a famous attraction or in a long line. These situations make it easy for a pickpocket to bump into you and grab your wallet or your passport. Don’t let anyone get too close, even in a crowd, and be sure to observe other people. Anyone who is not looking at the attractions at all is probably not there for the same reason as you. You might forget to observe the crowd when trying to get the perfect family picture or focusing on a waterfall, but it is important to keep a small part of your thoughts on your surroundings.

Keeping your valuables in your thoughts will be worth it if you are able to enjoy a vacation without becoming a victim of theft. Research, secure bags, and mindfulness will help you prevent an otherwise pleasant vacation from being disrupted by loss. So be sure to follow these simple tips and experience your trip the way it was meant to be, as a fun and relaxing break from everyday life.

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  1. great tips, thank you so much for sharing. traveling with valuables can be difficult.

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