Ten Roadside Sights in Idaho

Driving through Idaho and Utah soon? You’ll be surprised by the wealth of scenic, historical, and interesting sights found not too far off the path.

The 45th Parallel

The latitudinal halfway point between the equator and the North Pole runs through southwestern Idaho, about two miles north of New Meadows on U.S. 95. Stop to snap a photo at this unique spot on the globe, and learn about the 45th Parallel at the visitors center nearby.

Clearwater Fish Hatchery

If your children like nature, then stop at the Clearwater Fish Hatchery in Ahsahka, Idaho. With free admission, you can learn about the fishing process and what it takes to prepare fish to send across the country.

Eastman Drug Store

While you’re in Idaho, enjoy an old-fashioned soda at the state’s oldest drug store in Soda Springs. Walking inside Eastman Drug Store, you will feel like you have traveled through a time machine. Still a functioning pharmacy, the drug store has been operating since 1884 and still uses its antique soda fountain.

Soda Springs Geyser

While you’re in the neighborhood enjoying your handmade sodas and ice cream, visit Soda Springs Geyser. The only captive geyser in the world, Soda Springs geyser erupts every hour and can reach up to 100 feet in the air. Soda Springs also boasts thousands of naturally carbonated springs that were a landmark on the Oregon Trail.

The Giant Cedar
Standing at 177 feet tall, this cedar is approximately 3,000 years old. You can find it at Perkins Cedar Grove, near Elk River, Idaho. With decks and paved trails that make it easy to explore with the family. On your way out, grab some ice cream at the Elk River General Store.

Idaho City

Founded in 1862 during a gold rush, Idaho City is a fun town to learn some American history with your family. At one point in the late 1800’s, the town hosted more than 200 business, including three dozen saloons. Now, the small town is home to remnants of history, including the Boise Basin Museum and 18 historical buildings.

Hell’s Half Acre Lava Field

Interstate 15 crosses through the southeast corner of this unique natural site. Hell’s Half Acre Lava Field consists of a basaltic lava plain on the Snake River Plain in Idaho. About 150 square miles provide a look how vegetation exists after a lava lake once occupied the area around 3250 BC.

Miner’s Hat Realty

Located in Kellogg, Idaho, on Highway 10, Miner’s Hat Realty occupies a building shaped like a giant—you guessed it—miner’s hat, complete with an old-timey carbide headlamp. The building was originally a restaurant from 1939 to the mid 1950’s, servicing gold and silver miners nearby. Now, a realtor owns the building, but visitors are still welcome to stop in and learn about its history.

Shoshone Ice Caves

For an interesting escape from the heat, stop by the Shoshone Ice Caves. These natural lava pathways form thick layers of ice, up to 20 feet, year round. A giant dinosaur statue will greet you off of N. Highway 75. Grab some complimentary coats and walk through the centuries old caverns.

Atomic City

The quintessential small town, Atomic City has a population of 29 on its 0.11 square mile of land. In 1951, the city became home to the first electricity-generating nuclear power plant, which was used for experimental purposes. After decommissioning the plant, the town served as halfway point between Blackfoot and Arco on Route 26. The small downtown can provide fun photo opportunities for your family.

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We Are Going To Galveston Island

We are going to Galveston Island this weekend.  I am excited to go back there again.  It’s been three years since I have been to the beach. When my dear husband came home from work last night, he asked me what preparation we’re doing for the Galveston vacation.  I said, well I already booked and confirmed the hotel room.  He said that’s the most important. 🙂

When vacationing, it is very important to find a nice place to stay.  So it is a high priority to secure the hotel accommodations first.  Some hotels offer hotel packages that include city tours and trips to local attractions.  Package prices already include the tickets or attraction passes.  Usually we only get the hotel accommodation because we don’t want to get tied up with the time on tours or something like that without worrying about catching the time.

Two of the main sights and attractions in Galveston Island now are the Moody Gardens and the Galveston Island Historic Pleasure Pier.  We were planning to go visit them next week.  🙂 I would like to see the big aquarium and I bet darling daughter will enjoy that, too.  Then we will go to the Galveston Island Historic Pleasure Pier.  We might go for some rides there.

10 Baby Sleep Solutions

It’s 3 am, and you would literally give up an arm (okay, maybe just a finger), if your baby would just sleep. You are doing the same trick you usually do, but it is just not working. Well, sometimes, you need to get creative. There are times I have literally worked my way through 10 tricks before one worked. It is all about trial and error, and what works today may not work tomorrow.

1.  Avoid Eye Contact – Babies are very stimulated by prolonged eye contact. So, this should be avoided while calming him when he wakes up or putting him to bed.

2.  Room Temperature – Experts recommend keep the room between 65 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Even a couple degrees either way can wake a baby from a sound sleep. If the nursery is furthest from the thermostat, put a thermometer in the room. A space heater or fan can help regulate the temperature.

3.  Soothing Sound – It is no secret that babies love soothing sounds and white noise. In utero your baby was constantly soothed by your heart beat and digestive noises. I recommend a wall-mounted fountain. The sound of cascading water will soothe both you and your baby. You can get one from online stores such as LuxeWaterWalls.com.

4.  Bedtime Routine – Having a bedtime routine will allow his internal clock to naturally calm him down. Reading a book, giving a warm bath, or singing a lullaby will help, if you’re consistent.

Reading a book before bedtime has become our habit.
Reading a book before bedtime has become a habit at home and away from home.

5.  Swaddling – Some parents swear by turning a baby into a burrito. When your baby was in your womb, he was tightly packed, so swaddling duplicates that experience.

6.  The Drive-by – When you pass another car driving at 10 miles per hour in your neighborhood at 2 am, there is a good chance it’s another parent trying to get their baby to fall asleep. There is just something about a car ride that works.

7.  Hair Dryer – Call it quirky, but when it works for you, you’ll never look at another hair dryer the same way. Turning a hair dryer on will become a favorite tip in the winter, when you have to get out of your warm bed. The hot air will help warm you up.

8.  Overnight Diapers – If you were in a wet diaper, you would probably wake up and be miserable, too. Super absorbent overnight diapers are well worth the money spent on them.

9.  Massage – The University of Miami Touch Research Institute states that babies who receive a 15-minute massage before bed fall asleep faster.

10.  Natural PJs – Babies have such delicate skin that a fabric that seems acceptable to you can feel like sandpaper to them. Natural fibers are recommended over synthetic ones.