Visiting And Swimming

We went to a swimming party at my brother-in-law’s neighborhood pool this past Saturday.  Good thing he and his wife sent an invitation thru email four days before the event.  I still had the time to buy a sunscreen and looked for our swimwear.  As you know, it is very important to be always ready when going to a swim.  Wherever it is-at the swimming pool or the beach, it is best to bring a sun protection product like sunscreen.  UV rays from the sun is very intense in summertime.  In addition, eye protection like sunglasses are also recommended.  Your kids, especially, has to wear sunglasses that are appropriate for their vision and age.

Anyway, it’s about 40 minutes drive to their house.  My husband lets me drive whenever we to out of town.  I like it though.  It makes me feel good.  Everything was ready when we got there.  We visited for a little while and watched the game before we left for the swimming pool.  They were watching the FIFA World Cup 2014 (hosted by Brazil) that afternoon.  It was Argentina vs. Ghana.  My husband didn’t have interest in watching soccer games even the sport itself.  He said it’s boring.  But there are people who enjoy watching soccer and playing the sport.  They get crazy and wild over it.  Just like others do with American football.  Sports event like FIFA World Cup brings great business for tourism in the hosting country, I am sure.  When we left, both teams got a goal. Tied.

The neighborhood pool was not that far.  It was an overcast day, cloudy day.  The kind of weather that UV rays from the sun is extremely dangerous.  The water was cold cold cold when I jumped in.  My mother-in-law said I have to move so I will get used to the water temperature.  Yup, it felt good afterwards.  My darling daughter enjoyed swimming the most.

It was 8:00 P.M. when we headed home.  A get-together with the family sure is a wonderful thing.

Three Ways to Fall in Love With Nature

fall leaves1

Today, our culture is immersed in technology. Almost every home and family has at least one technological device. It could be a cell phone, computer, tablet, television, etc. Add in busy day to day lives and varying schedules, almost all days are spent in doors. Most of us have fallen out of love or have never fallen in love with nature. Taking a step away from technology and into nature is good for everyone’s health. It is time to fall in love with nature for health and relaxation from the busy chaotic world of today.

Educate or Re-educate Yourself

To fall back in love with nature we need to explore nature a bit before jumping right into it. Some of the technology within our lives is helpful for this part. Discover the beauty of nature and all that it entails. This can be as simple as watching nature shows through a cable provider or searching through images on the internet. Services from companies like have all the nature channels and internet access to start getting yourself interested in what nature has to offer. This should ignite something within you to go explore and see the colors, smells, and sites of the outside world.

Start Slowly

The next step is to start slowly. There is no need to go on some big nature adventure. Take in the simple beauty just outside your front door. Start taking strolls through your neighborhood or through a nearby park. For those that live near a beach, stroll along the water and take in the sounds of the ocean. Add these strolls into your daily routine. A nice walk outside every day is relaxing and diminishes stress. The natural world can become quite calming. Hikes are another way to get in touch with nature. Hiking spots are great for those who live in large cities with little natural life around. Taking in the natural elements around you at least once a week will create a large improvement on your health.


The next time a family vacation is on the agenda, plan to go on one that involves the outdoors. Visit one of the many camp grounds throughout the U.S. Your next vacation could be to some of the many natural attractions around the country. Some of these places include The Grand Canyon, Niagara Falls, Yellowstone National Park, Devils Tower, Monument Valley, and so many more. With the constant hustle and bustle of today, a family vacation in the natural world is just the ticket. Trips in nature cause less stress and more relaxation all around. Trips through the natural attractions allow for you to appreciate it more. This is the final way to fall in love with the outdoors. Research all the natural wonders of the U.S. and plan future family trips to visit these places.

Nature and all its beauty should be explored and appreciated especially in today’s chaotic world. It is import for us to immerse ourselves in nature often. A stroll in the natural world will lessen stress and create an overall calm over those who enjoy it. Educate yourself, start slowly, and then vacation in nature to fall in love with it and all it has to offer.

Image posted with permission.

LeAnn Rimes Concert

Choctaw Nation Event Center

My girl friends and I went to LeAnn Rimes’ concert at the Choctaw Casino Event Center in Oklahoma about three months ago.  It was a quick invite.  I saw the concert details in their website and I thought I would try to see of my friends will see the concert with me.  So I sent them an invite on Facebook.  Gladly many of them had responded.  Actually, my two girl friends in Fort Worth also went to see the concert with me.  My cousin wasn’t able to watch because the concert was on a Saturday and her husband works every Saturday.  There’s now way she could leave her two little girls with a babysitter.

Some of my friends were checked in at the hotel already because they decided to spend the night in Oklahoma.  The concert ticket said that the concert starts at 8:00 P.M. and the gates opens at 7:00 P.M.  I got there at 6:00 P.M. and waited for my friends who are coming from Fort Worth.  While waiting, I tried looking for the concert venue so I entered the casino.  I asked a staff and she gave me a direction.  So I followed the way she pointed.  When I got to the place, I didn’t see a poster or a sign for LeAnn Rimes’ concert.  So I doubted that it was the right venue.  I walked and walked until I got to the hotel’s lobby.  I saw a security staff and asked where is the concert for LeAnn Rimes.  The guy told me that event center is across the street from the hotel.  It wasn’t very far, he said. I just have to walked thru the hotel parking lot and cross the street and there’s the place.  Well, after walking around for like 30 minutes, I finally found the venue.  My friends from Fort Worth arrived a bit passed 7:00 P.M.  Good thing they came.  🙂

We had fun at the concert.  LeAnn Rimes’ performance was great.  She sang our favorite songs “I Need You” and “Can’t Fight The Moonlight”.  Picture-taking wasn’t allowed at the concert.


After the concert, my friends and I went back to the hotel to relax for a while.  Those who were not spending the night including me drove home at midnight.

The Choctaw Grand Tower Hotel