Visiting And Swimming

We went to a swimming party at my brother-in-law’s neighborhood pool this past Saturday.  Good thing he and his wife sent an invitation thru email four days before the event.  I still had the time to buy a sunscreen and looked for our swimwear.  As you know, it is very important to be always ready when going to a swim.  Wherever it is-at the swimming pool or the beach, it is best to bring a sun protection product like sunscreen.  UV rays from the sun is very intense in summertime.  In addition, eye protection like sunglasses are also recommended.  Your kids, especially, has to wear sunglasses that are appropriate for their vision and age.

Anyway, it’s about 40 minutes drive to their house.  My husband lets me drive whenever we to out of town.  I like it though.  It makes me feel good.  Everything was ready when we got there.  We visited for a little while and watched the game before we left for the swimming pool.  They were watching the FIFA World Cup 2014 (hosted by Brazil) that afternoon.  It was Argentina vs. Ghana.  My husband didn’t have interest in watching soccer games even the sport itself.  He said it’s boring.  But there are people who enjoy watching soccer and playing the sport.  They get crazy and wild over it.  Just like others do with American football.  Sports event like FIFA World Cup brings great business for tourism in the hosting country, I am sure.  When we left, both teams got a goal. Tied.

The neighborhood pool was not that far.  It was an overcast day, cloudy day.  The kind of weather that UV rays from the sun is extremely dangerous.  The water was cold cold cold when I jumped in.  My mother-in-law said I have to move so I will get used to the water temperature.  Yup, it felt good afterwards.  My darling daughter enjoyed swimming the most.

It was 8:00 P.M. when we headed home.  A get-together with the family sure is a wonderful thing.