Excess Baggage No More

Vacationing has always been our favorite thing.  My husband and I had made an agreement that we should take weekend trips at least once every two months and a long vacation every two years.  So saving money for these leisure times should be in the priority’s list.

When we went on a vacation to visit my family in the Philippines, we have saved a lot of money.  That money had accommodated our plane tickets, local transportation expenses, and hotel and resort accommodations.  I can say that we did a good job with that.  Plus we also had a budget for shopping for homecoming gifts. I did some shopping online, too.  Because we were very concerned about the excess baggage possibilities, most of the presents were shipped thru the online store’s shipping services.

What I liked about the idea was, I found an online store that is based in Asia.  Who knew that I can shop for clothing and accessories at Zalora for my sisters and parents with the convenient shipping door-to-door?  Just like what I can do here in the US.  I was very glad my sisters loved the summer dresses that I bought.


So traveling overseas had been light for us since we didn’t bring too much on our previous vacation.