The Advantages Of Taking The Toll Roads

Clouds over us.

It was a very cloudy and humid day.  My daughter and I drove to day to see the folks and spend the night with them.  The little one is missing her grandparents and has been asking when can we go see them because she misses Na-na and Paw-Paw.  So I told my dear husband that we are spending the night in Tyler today and will be back home tomorrow afternoon.

It was a nice drive to Tyler this afternoon.  The interstate wasn’t very busy and I drove continuously without hassle.  Gladly DD took a nap on the way.  I was very thankful with that because we both knew that she will become a little tired before bedtime.

Although sometimes I refuse to pay toll, toll roads are an advantage when traveling.  These roads are alternate routes bypassing the busy city highways.  Taking the toll roads surely saves at least 20 minutes of travel time.  For convenience, my husband got us both toll tags.  This way, we do not have to receive and pay the toll way bills by mail.  We just have to register at NTTA (North Texas Tollway Authority) and deposit a minimum amount in the account to accommodate the future toll bills.  As we pass thru the toll road, a device will capture our toll tags information and will record the toll charges.  When the account gets low, the NTTA will automatically charge our credit card for another deposit.  We don’t take the toll roads regularly.  So consuming the deposit takes time.

My little one was very happy to see her grandparents.  After a few minutes of visiting, we helped Na-na tend the plants in the backyard.  It’s always nice to see beautiful blooms and smell the fresh air at the folks’.

spinning wheel
I always wanted to take a photo of this colorful spinning wheel. 🙂