Safety Is First When Driving

Driving is very risky if you are afraid, nervous, and impatient. Like any other skill, driving requires discipline and patience on the road.  If you easily get angry, scared, and nervous, then you won’t be able to drive safely.  Might as well, toss away the idea of learning to drive.

I know someone who hasn’t tried to learn how to drive because she is scared.  She never tried learning or going to a driving school.  Her husband does the driving for her all the time wherever they go.  She has been here in the US for years now.  I don’t blame her though.

When I started driving, I was a little aggressive at first.  I guess it’s just normal for a person like me who never thought would learn how to drive.  During the first few months after I got my Driver’s License, it seemed like I own the road.  I got upset when people in front of me drove slow.  And I got aggravated when someone passes me and will just slow down.  I felt like they were annoying me.  But my husband told me not to become aggressive.  And I should think ahead.  When it’s safe to change lanes or something, then I’d do it.  Speeding is a big NO!

I have been driving for five years now and I can say that I learned a lot.  I did mistakes but I learned from them.  I always keep in mind that safety is first.  Always drive with care and be attentive and alert.  And most important is to take good care of my vehicle keeping it up-to-date in all the maintenance needed.