Self-Defense And Traveling

As a traveler, I don’t mind carrying an object for self-defense.  You see, my family and I go to new places for weekend trips or even for long vacations.  We stay in hotels or resorts.  We do carry a self-defense object but it doesn’t have to be a gun.  Personally, I don’t agree in carrying guns all the time.  To me, it should stay in the home.

But some people carry guns all the time.  Sad to say, others are not responsible enough.  I don’t think they should be approved to own one.  And this has become a very big issue.

Gun control is one of the most controversial topics in U.S. politics. There are plenty of groups that advocate the right to bear arms in this country. The truth is that there are plenty of legitimate reasons for law abiding American citizens to own firearms. Pro gun activists often try to convince the public that there are benefits to gun ownership. First and foremost, gun supporters argue that the best method of self defense is to use firearms. Americans should not have to give up their rights to defend themselves just because some insane criminals go on shooting sprees in public places.

Responsible gun owners often store their weapons in safes and vaults that cannot be accessed by anyone but the owners. Gun locks are also used to disable triggers in case pistols and rifles fall into the wrong hands. Pro gun advocates support the retail business of firearms in the United States. Citizens should have the chance to create a small arsenal that is used purely for self defense and recreational hunting. These days, it is easy to purchase accessories and replacement parts for guns, especially hand pistols. For example, magazine clips, grips and spring loaders may all be purchased online.

Websites that sell gun parts may have a click here button that redirects to a catalog full of listings for pistols, rifles and shotguns. Shipping policies may be restricted according to state laws. Therefore, consumers should check their local regulations on gun control before shopping online for parts.

Yes we have the right to own something that will help us defend ourselves from bad people around.  That right shouldn’t be abused either.  In traveling and going to public places, guns should be prohibited.  That’s my opinion.