Hotel Cancellation Policy Inquiry

Unfortunately, our trip to the Fort Worth supposedly today is cancelled due to a severe and dangerous thunderstorm.  It was raining this morning and the wind was blowing like crazy since last night.  I already made a room reservation at Extended Stay America Hotel in Fort Worth (the one we stayed in a few years back) yesterday afternoon.  The lowest room rate given to me was $80.99 including tax.  It’s kinda high.  But it’s lower than the other hotels I called.

So we had to cancel the reservation.  I called and talked to the hotel’s staff to check for the hotel’s cancellation policy.  I chose to be transferred to the front desk since I talked to someone there when I placed my reservation.  A guy answered and I asked him about the hotel’s cancellation policy.  Although I already have an idea what hotels’ cancellation policies are (may differ from others), I still asked them to verify.  Usually if you want to cancel a room reservation, it should be done within 24 hours before the check in time to avoid charges.

After exchanging greetings, the guy asked my name to check for the reservation. I gave it to him also the time that I placed the reservation yesterday.  He had a bit of difficulty finding it. I admit my last name is hard to pronounce and spelling it on the phone is difficult.  I suggested if he can find my reservation thru the reservation confirmation number.  He said he can’t do anything with that. I was like, huh?  Anyway, after a few minutes he found it. I asked him again what’s the cancellation policy and if there is a charge or something.  He had me on hold for about 3 minutes.  When he got back, he told me to call back at noon because the manager is not in until that time. Alright.

Let me ask you this.  Was that a poor training or I just didn’t talk to the right person in the right department?  Or maybe that guy is a new employee? I called again at noon today and talked to someone at the reservations.  I gave him the reservation confirmation number and immediately he pulled it up.  I told him I am cancelling my reservation.  He gave me a cancellation number and told me there’s no charge.

Oh well, we will schedule our trip again.  Hopefully, it will be soon.