Great Attractions For The Family

We had a great dinner this evening.  My family and I went to our favorite Mexican restaurant nearby.  My dear husband and I are celebrating our 6th wedding anniversary this week and a special dinner at El Rodeo Restaurant is always great.  We both like Mexican food.  Chicken and beef fajitas are a click to us.

This weekend, we are taking the little one to the Fort Worth zoo this time.  It’s named as the top zoo in the country and was placed in the top 10 zoos in the USA.  We lived in Fort Worth for two years and the zoo was one of the main attractions in the city.  To me, Spring and Fall are the best times to go visit the zoo.  Besides Spring break days, the temperature is not high during these months.

Another attraction to visit in Fort Worth is the Stockyards and the museums.  Located in the heart of Fort Worth, the Stockyards is the place to explore the city’s history.  The very first time I visited the place, I fell in love with it.  Places with great history and magnificent heritage are interesting to visit.  And bringing your kids to these attractions is ideal because it is educational.  Plus, trips like these can also become bonding times with family and friends.

I just hope that the weather wouldn’t be so bad this weekend.  I hate it when a good trip is ruined due to bad weather.

Fort Worth Zoo is in Fort Worth, Texas USA