Better Gas Up Before It’s Too Late

First time getting fuel from Race Trac.
First time getting fuel from Race Trac.

I took my daughter to her dentist appointment this afternoon.  The weather was very beautiful but boy it was so breezy!  It felt like the wind was going to blow me away.  🙂  I thought we will be super late on the appointment but we arrived just in time.

After the dental appointment, we headed on to pick up a framed art work I bought online last week.  I thought my car will still have enough gas to the destination and back.  There was still two bars on the fuel meter when I checked.  But after a few miles, a bar was blinking.  And so, I panicked a little bit because finding a gas station is a pain sometimes.  I was driving through a business area which is full of fast food chains and stores.  No gas station in sight.  When I crossed the state highway, I found a Race Trac gas station (thank goodness!).  Although it’s not my preferred fueling station, I went ahead anyway.  I always fill my car with gasoline before I travel out of town but this time I didn’t pay attention to it which is not good.  It is better to check your vehicle’s gas meter and gas up before going somewhere.

The price per gallon of gasoline as of the moment is $3.48 and it’s not funny.  It’s getting higher and higher every year.  Does it make sense to you?  How much more can it get this summer?

Anyway, my darling daughter and I had a great day and enjoyed our traveling today.  Now we have to get our Easter eggs ready for tomorrow’s egg hunt out of town.