Transforming the Las Vegas Hotel Industry

The Las Vegas Strip has evolved tremendously thanks to the development from major investors in the hotel and resort industry. Passionate investors have seized the opportunity to transform the entire landscape of Las Vegas from a gambling mecca into a sophisticated tourist hot spot. Casinos no longer dominate the scene of the Las Vegas Strip. Tourists can now enjoy plenty of other activities after having some fun on the slot machines, table games and off track betting. Entertainment, dining, nightlife and fun define the new image of Las Vegas thanks to some wealthy individuals that have invested a significant amount of money into “Sin City.” Stephen Wynn is an example of one of the major developers that have rebuilt the Las Vegas Strip with personal investments and brilliant ideas.

For example, it’s tough to imagine that golf courses would remain on the Las Vegas strip where ambling is rampant. These days, it is still possible to walk out of a casino and enjoy a game of golf that is only steps away from slot machines and card games. The interior of major hotels and resorts in Las Vegas have also been transformed with a new theme that goes beyond gambling. For example, lavish decorations that are inspired by classical themes now decorate the hallways and main lobbies of major high rising hotels. Some wealthy hotel investors even display their own personal art collections for all guests to appreciate and enjoy. Renaissance paintings and sculptures now add aesthetic appeal to hotels that have been traditionally known for their gambling themes.

Another brilliant idea for enhancing high rising hotels in Las Vegas involves opening observation decks. Located on rooftops or some of the upper level decks in hotels, observation areas offer panoramic views of the entire city of Las Vegas. Such views surely come with an entrance fee that is charged even for hotel guests. Tourists can’t resist the opportunity to enjoy a night scene of the Las Vegas skyline. Similarly, rooftop dining is another attractive concept that is being considered by management companies of major hotels and resorts in “Sin City.”

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Las Vegas has become a major entertainment hub on the west coast thanks to the great vision of major investors in the hospitality industry. Many hotels have their own venues that are dedicated to providing live entertainment featuring music, laughter and joy for the audience. Some of the nation’s funniest comedians and best magicians are often based in the hotels of Las Vegas when they are not on national tours.

The liquor industry has also transformed the Las Vegas strip. Hotel management companies have acquired liquor licenses that make it possible to sell some of the world’s finest spirits to hotel guests. French red wines and Cognacs can be exclusively enjoyed by hotel guests at onsite bars that have contemporary and chic settings. Fine dining has also been incorporated into the overall experience of any major hotel and casino in Las Vegas. To add more excitement to Las Vegas, some hotel managers and investors often invite film producers and other media companies to come over and shoot some scenes. Tourists often get the chance to be featured in some clips for mainstream movies or other cool multimedia productions that are shown on TV and internet outlets such as social media.

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Less Worry With New Tires

My car just got new tires.  Thanks to my dear husband who always keep our vehicles up-to-date.  I appreciate him so much for reminding me and keeping me on track about my car’s maintenance and registration needs.

My car have to have tires replaced soon-all for of them.  This is very important to prevent future vehicular troubles like mileage issues and accidents.  In addition, tire replacement is also essential for the vehicle’s performance as you drive.  Road travel is comfortable and safe when you know that your vehicles are well-maintained and well-taken care of.  It does add to the value of your wheeled property.

There is a tire store and service in town that my dear husband used to go.  If tires were bought there, they can also do tire rotation for free.

The Benefits of Housing at Clemson University

The college experience is unlike any other. There will never be another time in your life full of so much discovery, so much social interaction, and so much fun. These facets of the college life are just a part of the reason why living in on campus housing at Clemson University is so integral to getting the full effect of the college experience. You may want to save a little bit of money by living at home and commuting to school, or living off campus, but what you’ll miss out on by not living on campus will more than be outweighed by the amazing experiences that you can have when you choose campus housing. Keep reading for just a few of the benefits that come with living on the Clemson campus.

A Built-in Social Network

One of the biggest benefits of living in campus housing is the built-in social network. Rather than going out of your way to try and be social, you will be at the center of a group of students just like you. This means that parties, weekend socials, dances, and study groups will spring up organically, and you will be in a position to participate in whichever of these activities interest you. Studying with someone or getting tutored by an advanced student might be just as easy as walking down the hall to another apartment! This convenience factor and social network are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the benefits of campus housing.

Campus Housing Is Convenient


Campus housing is not only convenient in the social sense, but also because you’ll be so close to campus and all of the resources of that campus that you’ll be able to easily take advantage of all that your university has to offer. The housing at Clemson University is the perfect way to ensure that you are close enough to campus that you won’t have to pay for parking, you are at the center of all that’s going on socially, and that you get the full effect of the college experience. The price you pay for your monthly rent is more than worth it for the experiences and education that you’ll carry for the rest of your life.