Top 5 Travel Show for Inexperienced Travelers

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Many people do not get the opportunity to travel much, due to work, family and other obligations in life. For people who haven’t yet traveled the world, planning any trip can be exhausting and overwhelming. Everyone has different opinions and ideas about what is best, but those ideas may not be the best for you.

You could check out every travel book from the library, or scour the Internet for the best advice, but why not use your nightly leisure time to your advantage instead? This list complies some of the best travel shows for inexperienced travelers, so you can sit back and relax while you plan your next trip with ease.

Most television providers, like will have these shows, or you can find them on the Internet. Check your local listings to find times.

Destination Showdown

This show is ideal for someone struggling to decide where to go on your next travel excursion. The show compares two different travel sites in a “showdown” and picks a winner. You don’t have to go to the place that wins each time, of course, but it is helpful to see the pros and cons of each place. From there, you can decide for yourself which place would be a better fit for you. Decision made!

Top 5 Travel Shows for Inexperienced Travelers

Travel 911

Travel 911 is exactly described by its title. The show explains how to avoid, prevent or survive travel mishaps and emergencies. Not only is this great travel advice for new travelers, many seasoned travel experts will also be able to pick up a new trick or two. The show also offers great everyday life advice on things such as identity theft, which is helpful to everyone, traveler or not! Better to be over prepared than to be the victim of identity theft.

Best of the Road

This series is great for those of us to like to travel off the beaten path. The program takes viewers to small towns across the nation, exploring the best of what “small town USA” has to offer those of us just passing through. If you are looking for a break from big city life, watch this show for a few ideas.

Man vs. Food

We all need to eat, when on vacation or not, so why not try something exciting? This show takes viewers across the US to find the best local eateries, and concurring food challenges along the way. To get an authentic, local experience in whatever city to visit, first visit Man vs. Food to find a restaurant that will satisfy.

When Vacations Attack

Yes, it can be morbid and terrifying, but these stories can be great cautionary tales for people who are new to travel. Try to not let the stories in this show deter you from any travel, but use the ideas to keep you from making the same mistakes when you head out on your next vacation. But if you need to separate yourself completely, use this show for its pure entertainment purposes.


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  1. Best of the Road sounds like it might be able to help me out. I am not much of a traveler at all but do like to visit small towns in the US via road trip on occasion. When and if I go on a vacation I want it to be as stress free as possible-Thank you for the advice it is truly appreciated.

  2. I never heard any of this and maybe because I am from Philippines but I would love to watch travel guides because I am planning to have some travels soon.

  3. I always have such anxiety when I travel but cannot help wanting to check out these shows. Destination Showdown looks like it would be fun to watch.

  4. I watched some episodes of the When Vacations Attack before and it was really scary. Vacations may sound really fun, but you are also taking that risk of going to new and strange places. It is nice to research about the area, as some people around that have been there before, and stuff like that. I don’t think I have seen some of these shows before though.

  5. Well, you should really be ready when you are traveling. And stay calm, when things gone out of hand.

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