A Serene Place In The Country

I miss this place.

This photo was taken seven years ago during me and my husband’s visit to my neighborhood in my hometown in Leyte, Philippines.  The picture shows how green the surroundings is.  We call our neighborhood Riverside because we are situated by the river called Kanawagan.  I remember when I was younger the river was wide and its currents were strong that it was difficult to cross.  Because of the drought the river has gone low and moved farther.  You see those rocks and the cleared area?  That’s the riverbed.

My parents, siblings, and I used to cross this river to go to my grandpa’s farm to harvest some vegetables, fruits, and root crops.  We also bathe and do our laundry here too.  Walking alongside the riverbank we can pick up some firewood from the fallen branches of the trees and coconuts.  Some nights, there are a few young guys and men (neighbors) will go fishing in the river.

But now, the river is not healthy anymore.  It is getting low and polluted.  There’s a power plant way up there in the mountains and disposing waste.  I am not completely sure where they release their wastes but somehow parts of it go to the rivers.  I wonder how this place looked after the super typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda)?

9 thoughts on “A Serene Place In The Country

  1. It is such a shame beautiful places like that are getting destroyed by pollution all around the world 🙁 Hope this place can be saved.

  2. So you’re from Leyte, Sis. I hope your place was not that affected during Typhoon Haiyan. I think it would have helped the pollution issue if the DENR gets a complaint about it (Department of Environment and Natural Resources).

    1. Hi sis Deli, our town was also hugely affected by the super typhoon Haiyan. My siblings’ houses were damaged and one of them still didn’t have power back.

  3. That was really an amazing scene and sad to see the true effect of modernization we also had a river here and we used to swim there but because our place now is populated that small river is now getting polluted each day and sometimes draining.

  4. I love the simple living experiences you share. Looks like such a serene place!

  5. I hope the typhoon did not damage it beyond repair. I’m so sorry to hear the health of the river has declined due to intentional negligence.

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