5 Tips To Keep Your Home Safe When Traveling

5 Tips To Keep Your Home Safe When Traveling

Taking a vacation and spending some time away from the responsibilities of daily life is something most everyone looks forward to. But, vacations are meant to produce relaxation not induce stress.

If leaving your home for a few days or weeks brings anxiety over its safety, you will spend more of your relaxing time concerned over your home’s safety. Instead, employ these four tips to keep your home secure, and enjoy your days of nothing.

1. Home Security System

Invest in a home security system. Not only will it bring security to your home while you are away, it ensures complete home security when you are living there.

A home security system comes with an alarm to alert the Security Company and authorities of a break-in, cameras, smoke detectors and motion detectors. Many homeowners sync their home’s security with their smartphone or tablet in order to keep an eye on their house from their remote location. For example, homeowners in Tennessee can access the Memphis ADT website in order to check on their home’s status and look at the camera footage.

2. Light Timers

Install indoor and outdoor light timers. A completely dark house for a long period of time looks suspicious, thus setting both indoor and outdoor lights onto timers gives the appearance that someone is home.

While there are manual timers that can be set before leaving, new technology allows users to control the lights in their house from wherever they are. While sunning yourself on the beach, you can quickly pull open your app, turn on your lights, and relax the rest of the day away.

3. Stop Your Mail And Newspapers

Nothing screams your house is empty like having newspapers, mail and packages stack up around your driveway or front door.

Call the post office and newspaper company and ask them to put your service on a temporary hold. Or, have a trusted friend, family member or neighbor come over to pick up the mail and check on how your house is doing.

4. House Sitting

In the event you will be gone for a while, consider asking someone to house sit. Many young couples, college students or friends will be willing to stay over for a few days or weeks in order to ensure your home is safe.

For those with animals, having someone come housesit is especially useful.

5. Do Not Broadcast Your Plans

While there is nothing wrong with celebrating over social media, frequent updates about your location, trip away or empty home make you an easy target for burglaries.

Any type of public social media such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter can relate your absence to criminals looking for an easy target. Your best bet is to keep your posts to a minimum in order to protect yourself and your home.

Take the time to secure your house before leaving, because coming home to a robbed house will spoil any residual vacation relaxation.

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  1. these sure are handy tips especially for families who love travelling. am just not sure about not broadcasting about travel plans as people are way too fond of sharing stuff like these on social media! 🙂

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