Look Stunning On Your Prom Night!

What a beautiful day today.  And the weather forecast is we will be having pleasant sunny days this weekend and next week.  Hooray!  After weeks of wintry weather, we are going to enjoy this Spring-like weather.  I love it!

And so you know, this kind of weather is perfect for outdoor pictorials for the Prom.  Yes, it’s the Prom season coming up again.  And we all know how busy the senior high school students are but this special occasion or event in their high school life is very important – the Prom night.  It takes a perfect weather, a magnificent venue, and a splendid prom attire to make the prom night super memorable.  To give an extra excitement to a prom night is to hold it in a cruise liner or a tall ship for the evening.  This is possible if you are near a lake or ocean.  But most of the time, this special event is held in a large ballroom of a reputable hotel.

Of course, the young ladies and gentlemen won’t be able to go without wearing their stunning formal attire.  And the girls are going to be excited shopping and fitting their prom dresses.  The very trendy and gorgeous prom dresses at jenjenhouse.com are just right in your budget, I think.  With so many selection of formal dresses, you will be able to find the one that will make you feel like a prom queen.  🙂

I super love this dress and it's color. :) I want this for myself.
I super love this dress and it’s color. 

The Important Part During Our Vacation

I am very jealous right now!  Why?  My cousin is currently on vacation for three weeks.  And she is visiting a few beautiful tourist spots.  Oh how I wish I was with her now.  It would be wonderful to go on a vacation too.  But I just had one.  My family and I had a long holiday vacation in December 2012.  It was one of our wonderful getaway ever.  It is because that was the vacation we spent the Holidays with my parents, siblings, niece and nephews back home for the first time.  And that was my darling daughter’s first international travel and first meeting with my family in person.

One of the very important part of our vacation was getting someone who will help us with looking after our little one.  I mean, we wanted an extra hand and a part time babysitter.  So my younger sister got the part time job. 🙂  Although it was just domestic flight, it was my sister’s first time to fly.  She was very excited.

With my sister at the lobby of the arrival area in NAIA.  Vacation 2012
With my sister at the lobby of the arrival area in NAIA.
Vacation 2012

When we went to Legaspi City in Albay (Bicol Region), my sister watched over our little princess while my husband and I went to visit with his sponsored child.  DD and aunt stayed at The Oriental Legaspi Hotel relaxing and resting.  Gladly they got along well and DD didn’t give her a hard time.

DD busy with her stickers.
DD busy with her stickers.

Traveling Alone On My Birthday

It was my birthday last weekend and I had a great time celebrating my birthday in Oklahoma.  My dear husband let me have a little fun in Durant, Oklahoma where I played slots for a little while.  Although I missed my family, I needed that time for myself.  Traveling without my husband and daughter made me feel empty on the road, but I knew they’re just fine at home.

It feels different when you travel for pleasure by yourself.  Seems like your happiness is not complete without the special people who are with you every hour of the day.  But it is very important to get some time for yourself, too.  Going to amusement parks or a resort for a day of relaxation and entertainment is a big thing in order to refresh you from the every day hurdle of life.

I had a great time in Durant.  I didn’t took photos of some sort because, I don’t want to spoil my moment.  🙂  Although I love photography so much, there are times I would just want to enjoy the moments without the clicks and flashes.  That’s my husband’s advice.

The hardest part when you are on a leisure trip is going home.  I surely wanted to stay for a few hours and play some more but it was getting late.  And I want to be home with my family and celebrate the occasion with a special birthday dinner prepared by my loving and thoughtful husband.