Good Feeling As I Travel

I totally forgot that today is a holiday.  So I thought the post office is open.  I went there to ship the items I sold on eBay and Poshmark the other day.  To my disappointment, the post office is closed.  I have no choice but to wait to ship these tomorrow.  One package is going to North Dakota and the other is going to California.  Shipping fees are not that expensive for I used flat rate prices for Priority Mail service.

Anyway, from the post office, my daughter and I went to the mall and paid my store bills.  On our way, we saw this truck with a trailer attached to it and on the trailer is a barbeque pit.  My daughter asked me where it’s going. I said the owner might be selling barbeques somewhere.  The she said she wants to eat a barbeque. :p  I quickly thought of something else that will change her interest.  Telling her about going to her favorite restaurant for lunch made her happier.


When you’re on the road, chances are you will see things that are unusual yet amusing.  I like that.  Because it lightens up my day and gives me good feeling as a I travel.