The Important Part During Our Vacation

I am very jealous right now!  Why?  My cousin is currently on vacation for three weeks.  And she is visiting a few beautiful tourist spots.  Oh how I wish I was with her now.  It would be wonderful to go on a vacation too.  But I just had one.  My family and I had a long holiday vacation in December 2012.  It was one of our wonderful getaway ever.  It is because that was the vacation we spent the Holidays with my parents, siblings, niece and nephews back home for the first time.  And that was my darling daughter’s first international travel and first meeting with my family in person.

One of the very important part of our vacation was getting someone who will help us with looking after our little one.  I mean, we wanted an extra hand and a part time babysitter.  So my younger sister got the part time job. 🙂  Although it was just domestic flight, it was my sister’s first time to fly.  She was very excited.

With my sister at the lobby of the arrival area in NAIA.  Vacation 2012
With my sister at the lobby of the arrival area in NAIA.
Vacation 2012

When we went to Legaspi City in Albay (Bicol Region), my sister watched over our little princess while my husband and I went to visit with his sponsored child.  DD and aunt stayed at The Oriental Legaspi Hotel relaxing and resting.  Gladly they got along well and DD didn’t give her a hard time.

DD busy with her stickers.
DD busy with her stickers.