Traveling Alone On My Birthday

It was my birthday last weekend and I had a great time celebrating my birthday in Oklahoma.  My dear husband let me have a little fun in Durant, Oklahoma where I played slots for a little while.  Although I missed my family, I needed that time for myself.  Traveling without my husband and daughter made me feel empty on the road, but I knew they’re just fine at home.

It feels different when you travel for pleasure by yourself.  Seems like your happiness is not complete without the special people who are with you every hour of the day.  But it is very important to get some time for yourself, too.  Going to amusement parks or a resort for a day of relaxation and entertainment is a big thing in order to refresh you from the every day hurdle of life.

I had a great time in Durant.  I didn’t took photos of some sort because, I don’t want to spoil my moment.  🙂  Although I love photography so much, there are times I would just want to enjoy the moments without the clicks and flashes.  That’s my husband’s advice.

The hardest part when you are on a leisure trip is going home.  I surely wanted to stay for a few hours and play some more but it was getting late.  And I want to be home with my family and celebrate the occasion with a special birthday dinner prepared by my loving and thoughtful husband.


9 thoughts on “Traveling Alone On My Birthday

  1. being alone especially with special days of our life is really sad but look at the bright side, you can have your own me time for your special day

  2. Traveling alone is something good to do once in awhile – yes, much better to have those special someone in our life but sometimes. I believe its okay and essential to just be by yourself.. 🙂 Contemplate and enjoy the moment too.

  3. I admire you for you can travel alone. I can’t. Just like what you’ve said, it makes me feel empty and sad.

  4. I know exactly how you feel! I feel the same way whenever I have my “day-off”. I get to spend some time alone very seldom so I do look forward to those me-times. But then, I start missing the kids and can’t help feeling a bit lonely. Even if I do want to stay away from home a bit longer, I’m still drawn back after just a few hours.

  5. this reminds me how i haven’t had the time for myself. hehe. i’m always at home or with my boyfriend when going out. i guess this is true but I feel indeed lonely when alone and on my own *_*

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