Looking Forward To More Travels This New Year

Happy New Year! Have you been enjoying your holidays so far? Did you come to visit the places you wanted to see before the year ends? Where did you travel? I bet you had a wonderful time.

As for me, my family went on a mini-vacation last year. Not so grand but we sure had a wonderful time together. That was when we went to see a concert in Austin, Texas in November 2013. And while we were there, we too the opportunity to explore the Inner Space Cavern in Georgetown, Texas which is about 25 minutes drive from Austin. We had so much fun. My darling daughter really enjoyed the new things she saw and experienced.

Of course, wherever we go, I don’t forget to take photos for souvenir. Capturing the happy moments during our travels mean so much to me because I keep them as remembrance that I can look at every time. So I a digital camera is very handy. My mobile phone is great too, but I want a higher resolution on captured images so I use my digi cam.  And guess what?  I received a new camera for Christmas!  Thanks to the dear Santa of my life. 🙂  And then, it comes with a new laptop too.  Ain’t that amazing?  New camera and computer is great to start my year especially in blogging and traveling.

New lappy and cam. :)
May new lappy and cam. 🙂

I am looking forward to more travels this new year.  No matter how big or small getaways I’ll get.  What matters is the memories and happy experiences.  😉


15 thoughts on “Looking Forward To More Travels This New Year

  1. me to last year we went to Miami three times and to Orlando a couple of times and then at Christmas went to Mississippi so we are totally looking forward to more travel

  2. Here’s to a wonderful 2014 full of travel adventures for you!! For me, well….we might go to Utah next Christmas! 😀

  3. Same with you sis, I’m also looking for more travels this year. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that we’ll have much budget to finance our dream destinations.

  4. Same here! I look forward to more trips this year and get to see new places. Yellowstone is one of our destination since it has been seven years since my husband and I visited the place. Plus, we live only about a few hours away now. Utah would also be on the list, but we will see. I am actually excited, which means better start saving! 🙂 Happy New Year!

  5. this is on my to-do this new year too! I hardly travel, I wish I’ll be able to fulfill it lol. Here’s to a new year to you sis!

  6. Happy New Year xx looking forward to seeing more of your pictures. We didn’t go away but did go on the polar express with our two boys.

  7. Sound like you guys had great travel time with the family. I hope that we can go out of town this yr too.

  8. I wish to be able to travel more this year too. 🙂 Cheers to traveling more! 🙂

    I love your new camera’s color! 😛

    Here’s to a very awesome year ahead! 🙂

  9. Same here! I realized I haven’t traveled a bit far last year so I am looking forward into traveling this year and a new camera for my blogging is in the bucket list too. 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

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