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It isn’t often that individuals become excited about a blog, but you might want to look at this one and marvel. Enter into the bar on your web browser and take advantage of one of the most innovative and uplifting blogs to hit cyberspace in a number of years.

Recent topics:

The Greatest Gift Ever Given
TheCountdown to Christmas has Begun!
C3 – The MYSTERY Conference
Family Octagon: Love – Battle – Win
A Look Back at Easter
“Sexperiment” and D the Broadcast
Doing the HARLEM SHAKE with The Mix!
C3 2013 – A Look Back at the Raw and the Real

Innovative Media Approaches to a Blog
By mixing media:

Internet Media – through Twitter
Written Content

Pastor Ed Young Jr Fellowship Church adds life, inspiration, and solid Christian content to this blog.

Interactive Site

Try clicking on one of the topics from the past and viewing the foundations of family in “Family Octagon: Love – Battle – Win”. Conflict in families is normal and necessary, but so are other aspects of families such as discipline and harmony. Pastor Young and his associates give you the keys to having a well-run, happy family within a Christian context.
The advantage of these videos and presentations is that the messages are presented in a number of different ways to reach each individual. The messages given apply to everyone and are presented to everyone, no matter what their age or background. All of you are aware of the difficulties of reaching the pre-teen and teen-age children of our day because they are bombarded by various messages from music, video, movies, and their peers. Even these difficult to reach individuals will receive a positive message from these blogs.

News about the church and inspiring music is available from this blog. You will enjoy it so much that you will subscribe to have e-mail updates sent to your address.

Stated Purpose of the Fellowship Church

Part of the stated purpose of the church is to provide a venue for individuals to worship God. Worshiping is a vital portion of our lives as humans. God created us as worshiping beings. Fellowship Church gives the venue for worshiping through service to others, to participation in worship services, and enjoyment of worship. See through the eyes of this blog into a bit of the workings and messages that exist in this church and this pastor. This helps the church and the people of the church to reach out to those who are not churched and bring them into the fold where they have an opportunity to become beneficiaries of the love of Christ.

Visit this blog online, enjoy the interactive aspects of the blog, and learn more about Christian life through working with others in the church, in your community, and in your family. Especially enjoy this experience during the year-end holiday season and the beginning of the New Year. Aim higher for the next year for yourself and your family.

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  1. What an inspirational blog, you are right sometimes blogging can be boring, esp when you run out of ideas. I will definitely check the website you refer.

  2. I read about him on my friends blog. It is nice to have someone like Pastor Ed Young. He has the heart to reach out souls and bring them to Christ.

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