Safety First On Icy Weather

Driving on icy  roads is not recommended unless you are capable of doing so and brave to be on the road on such condition.  I will say that if it’s not very important, better stay home and let the ice melt completely before heading to your destinations. everywhere!
Icicles…ice everywhere!

We were forced to go to town yesterday because we had to find firewood for our fireplace.  The power went out for 9 hours.  The temperature dropped and it was freaking cold.  Well, it’s a winter storm so…From 6:00 A.M. to 3:00 P.M., it’s was a long wait for the power to resume.  Thankfully we found a firewood seller in town.  We paid $20 for a huge pile.  We lit our fireplace for the very first time in years whole day yesterday and we still have some left in the garage.

It’s dangerous to drive on ice especially on bridges.  So be very careful and watchful if you’re going somewhere.  But might as well stay home.  Safety first.

Icy roads due to winter storm.
Icy roads due to winter storm.

11 thoughts on “Safety First On Icy Weather

  1. I don’t like cold and that icy weather. I believe we should always be careful anytime of the day. Stay safe

  2. oh…stay safe. we visited our ice dome to experience what it is to live in a very cold place because my son loves “winter”…it’s so freaking cold and after the visit, he said he doesn’t want “winter”..he..he…he was only hoping there were snow so that he could build snowman:)

  3. I’m glad that my family who are residing in the US had good weather. Unlike other states who are experiencing icy weather. Just be safe at all times.

  4. it’s been on the news lately about the scary cold weather, kind of makes the “Frozen” movie real in some ways lol. I hope you’ll stay safe though, I haven’t experienced winter yet but I feel it’s really chilly and scary going out during those times.

  5. Thank God we don’t have snow here. It would be very hard for most Filipinos especially for those who have no decent shelters.

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