No Traveling For Us This Icy Weekend

It’s my darling daughter’s birthday today but no traveling this weekend.  There’s a winter storm and it’s icing and snowing in parts of Texas.  We’re supposed to have a party for her this evening but it was cancelled because ice and sleet are on the road.  Safety first.  Now it’s super cold.  Below freezing!

Ice on the roads.
Trees down due to heavy ice.

So if you’re coming to Texas or going somewhere this weekend, better cancel your trip because of the bad weather.  Flights are cancelled in DFW airport as of the moment.  Better to check with your airlines before going to the airport.

As with my DD’s birthday celebration, we just had a small dinner at home with my cousin and her family.  My little girl had a great time, as always, with her cousins.

4 thoughts on “No Traveling For Us This Icy Weekend

  1. Aww, it’s so sad you didn’t get to travel because of the weather. But it’s best to stay safe, right? I hope your daughter still had a great birthday celebration 🙂

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