Going To Austin In A Week

In about a week’s time our family will be going to Austin, Texas for a special event in the city.  We have been planning a trip to Austin for months because of this one-time event that kids are waiting for.  It’s The Fresh Beat Band Concert, back in demand.  I have been waiting since last year for a concert tour because my darling daughter is a fan.  The concert tickets are sold out here in Grand Pairie.  So I tried looking up online for available slots.  Gladly, the Austin venue still have available tickets.

The Fresh Beat Band. Photo from their Facebook Page.

So concert tickets for The Fresh Beat Band were bought in advance.  Now, I am in search of a hotel to provide us an exceptional accommodation while we are in Austin for the very first time.  I spent a day browsing hotels, checking and comparing room rates, and reading reviews.  Besides good deals on hotel accommodation, honest reviews are also very important to consider before booking a hotel.  Hopefully, I can find a better deal and classy hotel for us.  My little girl is excited about the concert.  I am also excited about visiting Austin.  Another event in Austin next week is The 2013 FORMULA 1 UNITED STATES GRAND PRIX which will be held beginning Thursday, November 14th at the Circuit of Americas.  This is a super exciting event in Austin because it’s the Formula 1 World Championship.

There are still places in Texas that we want to visit.  In the near future, we can  travel all over Texas.  That’s one of our goals.

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