Are We Putting Too Many Distractions in Vehicles?

When you first start driving, every second you’re behind the wheel is exciting and a little bit scary, but as you gain more experience it can become quite boring. On daily commutes or long road trips, every second behind the wheel can feel like torture. To combat this, cars have built-in entertainment systems. When shopping for a new vehicle like a Kia Optima in Bridgewater, NJ, you will see these entertainment systems highlighted. These systems make driving more enjoyable, but do they also make drivers more distracted?


People have been putting radios in cars since the 1930s, and those radios eventually turned into cassette players, CD players, and satellite and Internet radio. Listening to music while driving is so commonplace that few ever question whether it is a dangerous distraction. Studies show that novice drivers make more mistakes while listening to music of their choosing, but studies also show that certain types of music can actually improve driving behaviors. While extremely loud music can block out the sound of trains or the honking of horns, it’s generally accepted that experienced drivers can listen to most types of music safely.


Many accidents that occur due to car stereos are caused by the driver taking their hands off the wheel to change the track or station, and some argue this has gotten worse with the introduction of touchscreens. If a driver is scrolling through their mp3 collection or a list of Internet radio stations, they’re not going to be paying full attention to the road.

Convenience Features

While car designers have added a whole slew of entertainment features, some of these features actually prevent entertainment from becoming too much of a distraction. Steering wheel controls allow a driver to change their music without taking their hands off the wheel. Hands-free technology for mobile phones can be built in to cars, so drivers can talk on the phone without taking their eyes off the road.

Voice Control

A new feature that you’ll hear about when shopping for a Kia Optima in Bridgewater, NJ, is voice-activated entertainment and navigation systems. With voice controls, changing your music is no more distracting than having a conversation with a friend. While it might be a good idea to keep new drivers away from unnecessary distractions, with the convenience features added to new vehicles, experienced drivers can safely drive to the beat of their own drum.

15 thoughts on “Are We Putting Too Many Distractions in Vehicles?

  1. Not just redio/cd players that are distracting the drivers but phones too! It really irks me when I see someone driving and talking on their phone at the same time.

  2. good point and for young drivers that could become very dangerous to have all these distractions

  3. It’s fascinating that cars these days has voice control. I remember riding on one car where the driver talks to the computer in her car. Thank you for these tips!

    1. I understand, mare. I felt the same before. Pero I tried conquering my fear especially when hubby wants me to drive all the way (2 hours) to visit the folks.

  4. That’s an awesome feature. Yes, I believe it’s too distractions having too many stuffs in the vehicle. I wish I will going to have such stuff when I have a car on my own. 🙂

  5. There are so many distractions in cars. The radios, CD player, DVD player and internet access really do make it easy to get distracted while driving.

  6. sometimes they are especially if the movie is too loud to distract the driver, i guess to low down the volume might be okay and as long as the portable player is behind the driver’s seat i am sure that will be safe.

  7. I never listen to anything other than my kids when I drive. I am one that actually pulls over if I get a call that I have to take. I definitely believe there are too many distractions, but I also just prefer interacting with my kids when we are driving and pointing out the sights.

    1. Like you, I prefer talking to my child and have conversations with my little one when driving. She has lots of topics in mind and I enjoy talking with her when we’re on the road. The she will just take a nap/sleep. And I like that either.

  8. I sometimes wonder about that, I feel that specially for teens and new drivers there is just too many things to distract drivers now. I do love the convenience of some of this new technology though.

  9. I have a pretty plan car it still had a tape player in it when they would have been long defunkt when it was made – I don’t think I would know where to look if it had the all singing all dancing things some cars seem to offer. x

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