Earthquake In Bohol, Philippines

Driving around town in the rain is not a good idea for me.  Running errands today was a hassle because of the rain showers due to a thunderstorm.  I went to the bank to make a cash deposit and I picked up a pair of boots that I bought from an online local garage sale. Also, I had to meet a friend for a delicacy order in the afternoon.

I thought it won’t take me long to pick up the food but the rain was non-stop.  My friend got stuck in traffic because of an accident on the highway.  We were meeting up in Rockwall.  She called that her daughter is getting hungry so she told me about a Pho Garden restaurant.  I told her I’ll just wait for them in the restaurant.  So I drove around the shopping complex trying to find the restaurant.  Soon enough I found it and darling daughter and I walked in the rain toward the restaurant.  They are serving Asian cuisine I say Vietnamese food.  I ordered something to eat while waiting for my friend to come.  We exchanged text messages informing me about the traffic status and the distance their in.  After an hour, she and her daughter showed up.  I felt bad because they had trouble coming over.  But we didn’t expect the rain to be that heavy in the area.

While eating, my friend told me about the earthquake in Bohol Tuesday morning, October 15.  She’s from Bohol and she was very worried about her family there.  She was about to pass out when she knew about the time it happened because that was around that time when her mom goes to town to be able to talk to her.  It was a magnitude of 7.2 earthquake felt in the neighboring provinces in the Central Visayas including the island of Leyte (where I came from).  So strong energy that it was considered as the deadliest earthquake in the Philippines in 23 years.  OMG!

She was relieved when her mom answered her call the next day.  Due to power outage and cellphone signal loss, most towns people are still out of reach.  Buildings, mostly old ones and churches collapsed and landslide occurred.  A historical church built in the 1700s was destroyed.  Portions of the Chocolate Hills collapsed.  As you know, besides the historical landmarks, Chocolate Hills are the pride of Bohol.  A magnificent tourist destination where visitors connect with nature.

I am praying for strength, hope, and safety for the Boholanons.  This is a huge calamity.  Everyone should lend a helping hand in times of crisis.

Anyway, I am happy to know that my friend’s family is safe.  After a big dinner together, we parted ways and wished her a safe drive home.  Because I got wet in the rain today, I am feel like there’s a congestion coming.  Arg!