Are We Putting Too Many Distractions in Vehicles?

When you first start driving, every second you’re behind the wheel is exciting and a little bit scary, but as you gain more experience it can become quite boring. On daily commutes or long road trips, every second behind the wheel can feel like torture. To combat this, cars have built-in entertainment systems. When shopping for a new vehicle like a Kia Optima in Bridgewater, NJ, you will see these entertainment systems highlighted. These systems make driving more enjoyable, but do they also make drivers more distracted?


People have been putting radios in cars since the 1930s, and those radios eventually turned into cassette players, CD players, and satellite and Internet radio. Listening to music while driving is so commonplace that few ever question whether it is a dangerous distraction. Studies show that novice drivers make more mistakes while listening to music of their choosing, but studies also show that certain types of music can actually improve driving behaviors. While extremely loud music can block out the sound of trains or the honking of horns, it’s generally accepted that experienced drivers can listen to most types of music safely.


Many accidents that occur due to car stereos are caused by the driver taking their hands off the wheel to change the track or station, and some argue this has gotten worse with the introduction of touchscreens. If a driver is scrolling through their mp3 collection or a list of Internet radio stations, they’re not going to be paying full attention to the road.

Convenience Features

While car designers have added a whole slew of entertainment features, some of these features actually prevent entertainment from becoming too much of a distraction. Steering wheel controls allow a driver to change their music without taking their hands off the wheel. Hands-free technology for mobile phones can be built in to cars, so drivers can talk on the phone without taking their eyes off the road.

Voice Control

A new feature that you’ll hear about when shopping for a Kia Optima in Bridgewater, NJ, is voice-activated entertainment and navigation systems. With voice controls, changing your music is no more distracting than having a conversation with a friend. While it might be a good idea to keep new drivers away from unnecessary distractions, with the convenience features added to new vehicles, experienced drivers can safely drive to the beat of their own drum.

Wishing To Take Sister To A Short Vacation

My baby sister and I were talking about her trip to Tacloban City (Leyte) recently.  She and her classmates together with their instructor went to Tacloban City to duty in a hospital to complete the cases needed for the 3rd year Nursing’s first semester.  Since she started training and doing routing duties in hospitals, my sister had assisted doctors at labor and delivery, operating, emergency, and recovery.  They have already been to a psychiatric institution in Cebu.  She is learning a lot about the nursing course.

After the Halloween, she and the group of classmates (where she belongs) will be in training again in Cebu.  I believe they will be trained in a home for the aged hospital (Geriatric).  They will be introduced to elderly care.  The group will be in Cebu for two weeks.  I have sent her funds to pay for the fees, room accommodation, 2Go tickets, and miscellaneous fees.  Also included in the funds is her allowance.

Because my sister is now in the Junior year in college, oh wait!  Now I am confused.  I am not definite of her year level.  Oh dear.  Anyway, because she is in the higher year level now in college, the expenses are getting higher too.  Every time they have trainings and hospital duties, there are fees to be paid.  In addition, we increased her monthly allowance because of high transportation rates.  Car rental is not that reasonable either.  So she has to commute.  And due to limited funds, she hasn’t traveled lately.  Even to the closest tourist attractions, she haven’t got the chance to visit them.  How I wish I can take her to a short vacation some time soon.  I am sure she would really like that.


Have You Traveled Lately?

Have you traveled lately?  Have you gone to the place you have been dreaming of visiting and had a great vacation?  I hope so.  Because going on a vacation is one of the best rewards you can give to yourself.  Going places of interest in Europe, USA, Asia, or the Middle East can be very enjoyable and memorable.  But before you do so, it is very important to know the facts and safety precautions in different places.

Learn More

It is very interesting how we find helpful information about traveling not only thru documentaries, magazines and other reading materials, and reviews but also thru online resources like info graphics.  Travelers provide info in surveys to share their travel experiences.  They create video and capture photos to share online for everyone to see.  This way, people can get some ideas about their next vacation destination.

One thing I can’t get over with is the expensive room accommodation in a hotel in Switzerland.  Oh my!  I bet this hotel suite is SUPER DUPER luxurious!  I mean, think of all the beautiful adjectives you can give to describe it.   I want to stay there (in my dreams!).  😀  Seriously, this sounds interesting to me.  What do you think?