Making the Best SUV Purchase

As one of the top rated luxury automobiles, your purchase of a Land Rover in Portland will give you years of luxurious transportation. However, it is important to do your research before you purchase a new automobile. Before you begin your search, you need to decide if it is best to purchase new or pre-owned. Read on for more information that should help you decide which option is best for you.

New or Used

Although the more upscale term of a used car is ‘pre-owned’, they mean the same thing no matter what you call it. It means that the car has been broken in a little, has a better sense of value, and may or may not be the best value. New cars have not been broken in, that can be done by you! They also may not have the best value because you lose quite a bit when you purchase a new car. They may or may not be the best value for you either. You have to decide if it is more valuable for you to lose a little value and have a brand-spanking new automobile or save some value and deal with a small repair or two that might be yours.


Once you decide if you are going to buy a new or pre-owned Land Rover in Portland you can then focus on what model you would like to purchase. You can choose from the following models:

  • Range Rover

  • Range Rover Sport

  • Discovery Series II

  • Freelander

  • Range Rover Evoque Convertible

  • LR4

  • LR3

  • LR2

  • Defender

  • Discovery

  • Range Rover Evoque

From stylish crossover SUV’s, to the go-to automobiles for English royalty, there is a Land Rover for everyone. This SUV graciously combines luxury, style, and rugged durability. As the company continues to refine its look and specifications you can now choose a model that has hill descent control for crying out loud! No matter which of the 11 models you choose from, you will be riding around in the lap of luxury even as you traverse the rugged terrain which Land Rover is known to traverse with ease.