Sooo Flowery! :)

It’s really amazing how interesting some things may get when you see them as you drive around town.  Sometimes we don’t notice these things as we go along because we are so busy with errands or other important matter or purpose.  But when you start to look around, you will be able to notice something that will somehow give you an uplifting feeling.

As I was driving around to pick up some items I bought from an online garage sale somewhere in Rockwall, I drove by to this beautiful flowery beetle Volkswagen car.  I saw a couple had their pictures taken.  I thought I can ask them a favor to have my picture with the car taken, too.  But when I came back, they’re gone.  So I just parked across and took a photo of this cute car.  Seeing this thing brought me some amusement.  I haven’t seen a car decorated like this before.  I think it’s really cute and unique.  And so, this is the interesting thing I saw today.

Sooo flowerrry! 😀

Would you mind making your car look like this?  It’s pretty, right?  Lots of colors and it’s flowery.  🙂  It stands out.  And oh, I love those pink flowers on those steel wheels.

5 thoughts on “Sooo Flowery! :)

  1. It’s pretty but very “girly” as others also say 🙂 It’s also really cute but I don’t think I can drive a car with flowers like that.

  2. That car is super cute! I love flowers and girly related stuff but on cars maybe a bit too much for me. 😛 I agree that it is very cute though.

    1. Yea, I think so too. Know what? I saw it again this afternoon while I was driving home from a grocery store. 🙂

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