A Trip To Fort Worth And Swimming With Friends

Besides family travels and vacation, summer is the best time to travel with friends.  If you want to go camping or just join swimming parties, summer season has lots to offer.  Although (in some places) heat is kind of biting, still the fun under the sun is priceless.

My cousin and I were invited to a swimming party in Fort Worth last weekend.  On of our girl friends there just bought a lot and had a house built with a pool in the backyard.  Since she didn’t have a house warming last year, she hosted a big swimming party this year.

Driving to Fort Worth just the two of us was the first time.  I thought I will get very nervous because I was worried that I will miss the exits on the Interstate.  But with confidence and extra care, we arrived Fort Worth and got home safe.  I just have to keep myself from driving over the speed limit because I don’t want to get a ticket.  And it’s against the traffic law.

Anyway, we had so much fun at the swimming party.  They played volleyball in the pool.  I was just watching.  My girlfriend has to wear life vest and use a float.  She doesn’t know how to swim.  We didn’t really use much of sunscreen because the pool’s covered.  My friend and her husband were so hospitable.  Lots of food and drinks were on the table for everyone.  Good people.

Uh-oh! There’s the scuba diver with a water gun. 😀
Waiting for somebody to join us in the jacuzzi – the queen of the house. 🙂
Ahhh! Got yah!
I wonder who’s winning?

Lovely day for swimming. 🙂