Car Wash, Library, Lunch

Well at last I got the chance to get my car washed today.  We are planning to go out of town so I have to have my car cleaned.  There was a long waiting line when I arrived at the Hacienda Car Wash in Rockwall.  For $24.95, your car will get thorough cleaning, tire polishing, and fragrance.  This is the price option I usually avail.

Cars in line.

Then after my car is cleaned, my darling daughter and I went to her favorite Chinese Restaurant in Wylie.  Ming Moon.  She loves their Chicken Lo Mein.  I like their Mongolian Beef.  So we both had a wonderful meal this afternoon.  Then we went to the library to return some due books.  We hung out there for a while.  I let the little girl look around, play, and watched the Dora games on the computer.

Mongolian Beef at Ming Moon.

My darling daughter loves traveling, too.  She is a good traveler.  She’s not whiny or fussy in the car.  In short, she doesn’t get bored.  I always take snacks and drinks with us so we have something to eat on the road.  Our favorites are:  Hawaiian dinner rolls, mixed fruits, chocolate milk, animal crackers, fruit squeeze, and Chef Boyardee’s pasta.

When traveling around town, I try to avoid or at least minimize my spending on snacks.  That’s why I bring what I have in stock at home.  🙂 And whenever we go out, DD always asks for her sunglasses.  🙂