Lunch At Furr’s Fresh Buffet

I, together with my DD, had lunch today with her godmothers J and E at Furr’s Fresh Buffet in Plano,  Texas.  Because we usually go to a Mexican restaurant whenever we get together, we tried a different place this time.

E suggested Furr’s Fresh Buffet.  It’s located along I-75 (Central Expressway) in Plano, Texas.  She said the restaurant just opened few months ago.  I haven’t heard about it until today.  My husband said there’s one in Richardson.

Like other buffet restaurants, Furr’s also have lots of food selection.  But the specialty of the restaurant is more on American food.  Salads, brisket, steak, pizza, pasta, hamburger, meatloaf, dinner rolls, veggies, cakes, cupcakes, etc…everything looked delicious!  I tried not to overload my plate with food because I won’t finish them all.  My DD enjoyed the broccoli with ranch.  It’s one of her favorite vegetables.

So many customers.  The restaurant is clean and organized.  The only concern I had was, the attendant wasn’t very friendly and she was inattentive.  I don’t know if my friends noticed that but I did.

I told my husband about the buffet restaurant.  He asked me if I like this one better than the other restaurant we usually go to.  “Not much,” I said.  To me, my favorite buffet restaurant has the best dinner rolls.


7 thoughts on “Lunch At Furr’s Fresh Buffet

  1. I like to check out different restaurants too. But I always tell my husband that don’t get what we paid for as we don’t eat that much 🙂 One buffet that I miss going to is Golden Coral 🙂 They don’t have one here in our area.

  2. My husband and son like to go to buffets but I don’t really like them. I am like you I don’t like it when I don’t get good customer service. When I go out to eat I like to be able to sit and relax.

  3. It has been a long while since my husband and I had a meal at a buffet restaurant. He doesn’t like to go because whenever you are at the buffet restaurant, there’s just no control for him when it comes to eating. LOL! Sorry about the not so friendly lady. We always love going back to places when people are friendly. 🙂

  4. We only have one buffet in our area and there is no way I would ever enter it. I wish there were one in a safer neighborhood as I love buffet restaurants. My oldest used to eat broccoli with ketchup (it got him to eat it so I did not complain!)

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