Mother’s Day BBQ Party

This afternoon, I joined the Mother’s Day BBQ party with friends held in Royse City, Texas.  One of the girl friends just moved in Royse City few months ago and she hosted the Mother’s Day BBQ party.  Everyone brought something to grill – pork, beef, and seafood.  As usual, there are lots of food.

Mother’s Day Party Feast
Oooh, dessert. 🙂

Whenever girls get together, we talk a lot.  But when we started eating these delicious foods, we got quiet for a while.  🙂

On the other hand, one of our friend said there will be an Asian Festival in Dallas this coming Saturday, May 18.  I haven’t been to festivals since I got here in the US and I don’t know how to go to Dallas by myself.  The event is going to be held in Downtown Dallas so lots of one-way streets.  I want to go.  Hopefully, my husband will let me.

8 thoughts on “Mother’s Day BBQ Party

  1. I used to love the BBQ’s for get togethers at my old neighborhood. I used to laugh because they asked me to stop bringing things because I am vegan, lol. I still brought my own food though.

  2. Festivals are fun and usually lots of food!! Maybe your husband will go with you–he would enjoy it as well!!

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