City Nightclubs in Germany That Will Make Your Night

Coming to Germany offers visitors many opportunities. Exploring the history of the country and experiencing the fantastic culture it has to offer are two of the most popular things to do for tourists, but thankfully there’s much more to discover too. Germany is also a great destination for nightlife which may not surprise those who know of its expertise in creating great beers. Finding a good nightclub in Germany could be the difference between a great night and an early cab home, and location is an important factor in finding one that is going to suit your taste.


Given that Munich is the one of the most visited cities of Germany, you would expect to find a host of great places to go drinking and dancing. With over 70,000 bars, restaurants and nightclubs in the city you will not be disappointed. Prinzregentenstrabe 1, or P1 as it is more commonly known, is a favourite destination for the rich and famous such as Boris Becker and the Bayern Munich football team.
While the club does indeed have high drink prices, it is still a popular destination for tourists and residents due to its huge dance floor, and the opportunity to rub shoulders with the renowned people of Germany.


Berlin is a vibrant and modern city despite its troubled recent past. With a host of nightclubs in Germany’s second city, one of the picks is the 40 Seconds club, which was given its name due to it taking 40 seconds for party goers to get from the ground floor to the 8th floor in the elevator.
Due to the club being so high it offers some great views of the city which you can admire while dancing in one of the three nightclub lounges and the club is also known for hosting film premieres and fashion shows.


If you find yourself in Dusseldorf while travelling through Germany, be sure to head to Checker’s. The music played here includes house and RnB/hip-hop while the prices are extremely reasonable for a nightclub in a city.
The first Tuesday of every month sees the club packed with students and residents, and the club is also rumoured to be the place that Claudia Schiffer was discovered by her eventual modelling agency.


Frankfurt’s liveliest nightclub, The Cocoon, is a favourite for the locals in the city. The club’s music of choice is electronic and house music and hosts a live DJ or act every weekend for customers. The Cocoon also has two restaurants but you have to reserve a table to eat there before you head off to the dance floor. Be sure to check out great car rental deals at


While not as well known as some of the other locations on the list, Bonn is home to the N8schict which is conveniently sandwiched between two pubs. The club houses an enormous dance floor which comes to life at 11pm every night, and plays different music depending on the day of the week. Genres vary from indie; rock and 70’s to cater for people of all ages. Wednesday is the cheapest night to go here while ladies night is on Thursday where there is no entrance fee to get into the club.

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