I Want To Go Back To Puerto Galera Again

Whenever I think of summer, all I can think of are the beach, white sands, pineapples, coconut juice, and palm trees in the tropics.  I surely love the beach.

The first time my husband visited me back in 2007, we went to a beach resort in Oriental Mindoro, Philippines.  The resort is called Puerto Galera (literally means “Port of Galleons”).  That was my very first time to have a vacation to other provinces.  I fell in love with the place.  No wonder the resort is one of the most visited attraction in the Philippines.  Besides enjoying a glass of pineapple juice by  the beach, diving, beach hopping, snorkeling, and sightseeing are the best activities here.  There are beautiful dive sites in Puerto Galera.  Diving lessons and diving gears are available.

summer in october
This picture was taken while we were beach hopping. And we were heading to Puerto Galera again.

When beach hopping, the boats were like the taxi on the water.  And when snorkeling, the boat will wait.  That was really cool.   We had our snorkeling gears like goggles and life jackets.

I cannot wait to go back to Puerto Galera again.  Hopefully, one of our next vacations will be in Oriental Mindoro.  It would be nice to take my daughter there and show her how beautiful the Philippines is.

9 thoughts on “I Want To Go Back To Puerto Galera Again

  1. I heard a lot about Puerto Galera but i’ve never really been there. I wish someday I could come visit that beach in Mindoro.

  2. It’s a shame that I haven’t been to that beautiful place! The only white Island I’ve been so far is Camiguin. I am not a beach bum, but I totally don’t mind being in the beach with my loved ones. 🙂 This definitely is in my bucket list! 🙂

  3. I have not set foot in Puerto Galera and I really hope that I could! inggit much ang peg:(

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