Three Is Magic Concert In Mesquite

A Filipina friend I met online invited me to a concert held this evening in Mesquite.  It’s charity event for the church and I thought I should go see it.  Besides, I haven’t been to Fil-Am (Filipino-American) gatherings with live performances before.  I arrived at the venue a little earlier than my friend so I took a sightseeing for a bit.

Half price book sale. But donations accepted.
While waiting for my friend to arrive, I took photos of the ticket area.
The church’s yard.
The event hall. Filled with decorated tables and chairs. Ready for dining.
The stage.
Yours truly waiting for a company so we can start eating dinner.

When my friend arrived, we picked a table in front then we head on and got some food.

What I got for dinner? Chicken mechado, menudo, adobo, rice, and a slice of bagel.
For dessert: Leche flan, mini cakes, and strawberries.
The first performer. She’s not one of The Three Is Magic singers.
The second performer. Not with The Three Is Magic singers either.
The Maharlika Dancers performing the Singkil dance.
Maharlika Dancers performing the Pandango sa Ilaw dance.
Alright! So here’s the first singer from The Three is Magic. My friend (on the far left) who invited me to the concert was up there. I didn’t know she was one of the back-up singers.
I got the chance to have my photo taken with the third performer. He sang oldies songs popularized by Frank Sinatra, Engelbert Humperdinck, and Neil Diamond. My favorites were: “The Way You Look Tonight”, “The Last Waltz”, “Sweet Caroline”.  And he gave roses to all the women in the room.  Sweet!
I guess they are the officers?

The second singer of The Three is Magic is a young lady.  I wasn’t able to take her photo because I had to go to the powder room.  Anyway, it was a successful event as well as fun and enjoyable.  I got to meet my online friend in person.

Driving home at nine o’clock in the evening from the concert by myself wasn’t so difficult.  Good thing I had my mobile phone with me.  I called my husband letting him know that I’m on my way home.  Cell phone is a great travel companion you know.  I don’t like traveling alone at night though.

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  1. It is always refreshing to attend Fil-Am events especially if there’s program showcasing traditional dances and singing 🙂

  2. that event looks fun.:) it is nice to meet kababayans here in the US sometimes and get to talk in your native tongue. I haven’t been to any fil-am event either.

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