Gadget Insurance

Like everything else, we want all the things in our lives to be safe and hassle-fee.  As we travel along the road of life, assurance of what great comfort in the future is what we are looking forward to.

Well, I am saying this because we always make things easy by insuring valuable things like our cars, homes, and our lives.  But how about the travel gadgets like the iPhone or iPad?  Since they have become the trend in electronic gadgets nowadays, we consider these devices as one of our valuable possessions.  Is there a way we can get a Gadget Insurance?  We can get these insured if we want to.  Hhmmm..I wonder how it works?

16 thoughts on “Gadget Insurance

  1. Sometimes, we denied those gadget insurance due to the fact that we just don’t want to pay more. Yet, some of the insurance though only lasted for 1 or 2 years which seemed crazy for me. But when we got a new chair and furniture, I thought we might need one. Also when my husband got me a new gadget. I think this is a must have.

  2. I know, right? why we need insurance for our gadgets, lol but actually my husband got one for his smartphone because of his job he needs to have insurance otherwise.

  3. I haven’t heard about gadget insurance until I came to read your post.. i guess this is applicable to to expensive gadgets

  4. I honestly did not think about gadget insurance. I believe I’ve ever applied for insurance on my gadgets.

  5. Oh yeah! It’s just sad that my dslr insurance got expired and we can’t renew it anymore. Now i have to be really be careful when using my dslr because it will cost me a lot of money when something is going to happen to this one.

  6. Yes, insurance is crucial even in electronic gadgets. If we travel we’ll never know what happens..

  7. Most of the tech gadgets now have insurance or extended warranty that you can get. I think it is best to get one if your gadget is expensive to ensure it will be replaced or fixed at no cost to you when something happen to it.

  8. Looks an interesting type of insurance. If you’re gadget cost a fortune then the gadget insurance is a must for you.

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