It’s Part Of My Goal This Year

Just a few months ago I joined a group of online friends in a small online garage selling.  It went pretty well and some of them have started their online store.  In the group were working moms and stay-at-home moms (that includes me).  The purpose of the group’s online garage sale was to buy cheap excellent condition pre-owned items that we can re-use or send back home.  Mostly the items for sale were home decor, used women’s accessories like handbags and shoes, and pre-loved kid’s clothing and footwear.  I tell you, I got nice items for a very cheap price.  Some are vintage, too.

The online garage sale ran for like three months.  We stopped selling for a while because of the Holiday season.  Everyone was very busy.  We will resume this coming Spring and Summer.

I remember one of my friend here joined the group.  Now she has her own online store and earning money even she is traveling.  The online garage sale gave us an idea.  But my friend started her own business online.  I asked her if there is a place I can find on the Internet where I can get help with building my own online store, too.  Because I want to earn extra money.  She told me that ecommerce shopping cart can get me going.  Now it’s part of my goal this year.

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