Spectacular Places I Dreamed Of Visiting: Asia Part 2

Continuation from Spectacular Places Part

4.  Malaysia

The Petronas Twin Towers – I want to see and walk across the skybridge.

5.  Singapore

6.  Thailand

Phuket – This beautiful tropical island of Phuket attracts thousands of tourists worldwide.   A tour package was highly promoted when I was working in a travel agency before.  Up to now, I am wishing that I can visit this place someday and meet my Thai friends.

7.  China

The Great Wall – Who wouldn’t want to see this magnificent structure?  I read a lot of good travel articles about people’s visit to the Great Wall of China.

8.  United Arab Emirates

Dubai – Tourism has been one of the booming industry in Dubai.  I want to see the place and it’s magnificent skyscrapers.

To be continued…

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