5th Anniversary In The US of A!

Today marks the 5th anniversary of my arrival in Texas, USA!  A lot of good things happened as far as getting married is concerned.  🙂  Everything turned out smoothly and I am here living happily  with my beloved husband.  We now have a 2-year old little girl.

Leaving my family and friends in Philippines was not an easy decision.  Me getting married to a foreigner was new to the family.  And flying international for the very first time was a scare yet an adventure too.  But what else can I do?  I fell in love and found my true love in Texas.  🙂

I came across to many challenges here in the US.

Climate – Adjusting in four seasons is quite a challenge (all the time) for me.  I am used to wet and dry season in the Philippines.  Though Texas has a very hot summer, I started to like it better than cold winter.

Employment – I was worried about getting an employment here in the US.  But it came very easy.  The challenge was getting along with co-employees and the bosses.  I was lucky because my co-employees at work were friendly and helpful.

Culture – Like other wealthy countries, America is a place of mixed races.  So different cultures are in here.  I was concerned about getting influenced by the Western culture.  But I have a strong Filipino culture.

Driving – To get around, I had to learn how to drive which is one of the biggest challenges in my life.  Who would ever thought I’ll be driving?  I never expected this to come to me.  But I did it with flying colors!  Proud of myself for the huge achievement.  Thanks to my loving husband for the patience and opportunity.

New Family – My husband’s family is my extended family now.  They accepted me and they’re good to me.  I have the best in-laws in the world.

Marriage – Like any married couple, my husband and I also have little misunderstandings sometimes.  It is always an adjustment even though we were together for five years.  But what I am thankful for is that, he is very understanding and a gentleman.

As I celebrate the 5th anniversary of my arrival in the US, I went to the mall and had some retail therapy.  :p I enjoyed it!