The Traveling Fairy

What a wonderful start of the New Year!  A very kind fairy came and visited me today!  Though she was a little busy, she managed to squeeze in a little time to travel and came over my humble home and sprinkled some pixie dust.

Traveling and flying from far away is exhausting, so to accommodate the lovely Fairy Hobmother, I hope the welcoming refreshment from our kitchen served with cool drinks from my energy-efficient refrigerator made her day.

Now, the Fairy Hobmother is traveling around the blogosphere spreading joy and happiness to one and all.  She is on her way to visit y’all.  Catch her attention by leaving your comments and blog on this post.  She will come around and visit your blog, too.


15 thoughts on “The Traveling Fairy

    1. Malay mo sis, the joyful Fairy Hobmother will visit your blog this time.

    1. Thanks momi Shela. I am sure the Fairy Hobmother will come visit you one of these days.

  1. oh wow! congratulations sis! the Fairy Hobmother already visited me last year and my family has already enjoyed his gift to us!!! He is just one generous fairy. I wish he would visit me again… wishing! hehehe!

  2. I have been stalking him for a like a decade now i hope he will surprised me one of this day… 🙂 happy for you by the way

  3. Congratulations! Finally Fairy Hobmother came by to visit you and shower you some blessings! Anyway, i also love the website you shared where i could find a wide selection of fridge at reasonable prices. Will check it out again soon.

  4. yahoo! congratulation 😀 i hope he’ll visit me again too. What a fairy, he has good heart towards the blogosphere world

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