Birthday Gift: An Expense-Paid Trip

My dear friend N in Fort Worth called this morning to tell me that the Christmas presents for my daughter is with our other friend in Mesquite because the latter came to her birthday celebration yesterday.

In addition to that, N excitedly told me that she’s leaving for the Philippines this evening.  “What?…why?  Is there something wrong?”, I asked.  I suddenly got curious and worried because it’s an immediate departure.  She said her husband gave her a plane ticket for a trip to the Philippines as a birthday gift.  Oh wow!!!  In just a few seconds I got excited right there.  My friend is very happy because she didn’t expect that she’ll be back home for a two-week vacation.  Also, she added that a permanent job is already effective January.

Oh I am so happy for my dear friend.  Blessings truly comes to those who are hard working.

Happy Birthday sis!  Have a safe travel and enjoy your vacation.

2 thoughts on “Birthday Gift: An Expense-Paid Trip

  1. We were in Heartland TX last September, I visited my other blogger friend while my husband and my brother-in-law watched the Alabama Game vs Michigan in Dallas TX. A trip to the Philippines as a Christmas gift? that is awesome. I wonder when is my husband going to give me a plane ticket to Illinois 🙂 Thanks for the visit to my site 🙂

    1. I wish I’ll receive a gift like a plane ticket to the Philippines too. I would be VERY pleased.

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