Vacation Part 1: Overnight At Red Roof Inn

So our family’s adventure or let us say Holiday vacation, officially began Saturday night when we went to Irving for an overnight stay at Red Roof Inn.  Because our flight with Korean Air was Sunday morning, we had to spend the night somewhere close to DFW Airport.  Red Roof Inn in Irving was my husband’s preferred hotel because he has been staying there when he started traveling overseas.  The room rates are reasonable and airport transfers are free too.  The 24-hour Denny’s Restaurant and a convenient store are right next to it so whenever guests want something to eat in the middle of the night, they can just hop in there any time.


My brother-in-law drove our truck and took us to the hotel Saturday night.  Then he drove the truck back to his house and will keep it there until we get back.  And I am thinking that my cousin and his husband are already watching over our house too.

Our little girl keeps asking where we’re at.  And we keep telling her that we’re on vacation and we are with mommy’s side of family.  Traveling with a toddler sure is not easy.  But we are doing our best to stay cool.