Ready To Go

Red Roof Inn has  free shuttle service.  The shuttle picks up guests and takes them to the airport terminal by  terminal.  But you have to be aware that, oftentimes, the shuttle picks up guests from other hotels nearby too.

Our little  girl, my husband, and I woke up very early on December 9 for our flight.  Though the departure time is eleven o’clock in the morning, we have to be in the airport three hours before boarding.  That’s the new policy.  No idea how long will take us through security checks.  Thank goodness that our daughter did not complain for getting up very early that morning.  She enjoyed looking at the Christmas tree in the hotel’s lobby.


Our little traveler was ready to go.  Of course, her lovey bunny came  with us too.

Korean Air is in Terminal D
Morning snack for baby girl.
There’s the plane.  Korean Air.
Musical glass. I am so tiny. 🙂

After checking in and seating arrangements, we head to the security check.  My advice to women travelers, don’t wear too much accessory or jewelry.  Because they will be removed at security.  Even hair clips and stuff will be placed in the bin for scanning.

Through with the security checks and stuff, we stayed at the boarding gate and ate light breakfast.  We also did some phone calls to families letting them know that we’re doing fine and we’ll see them soon.